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Recent publications

Villarreal, C.D. (2022). Servingness in the Borderlands: A study of faculty hiring at a Hispanic-serving institution on the border. AERA Open.

Villarreal, C.D., Posselt, J.R., Hernandez, T.E., and Rudolph, A.L.(In print). Bridging the gap: A sequential mixed methods study of trust networks in graduate application, admissions, and enrollment. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering.

Posselt, J. R., Hernandez, T., Villarreal, C.D., Rodgers, A. J., & Irwin, L.I. (2020). “Evaluation and Decision Making in Higher Education: Creating Equitable Repertoires of Practice.” Handbook for Higher Education Theory and Research.

Posselt, J. R., Hernandez, T. & Villarreal, C.D. (2019). “Choose wisely: Making decisions with and for equity in postsecondary organizations.” Administration in higher education for social justice and equity (Eds. A. Kezar & J. R. Posselt). Routledge.

Villarreal, C.D., Liera, R, & Malcom-Piqueux, L. (2019). “The role of niceness in maintaining silence among racially minoritized faculty.” In A.E. Castagno (Ed.) The price of nice: How niceness perpetuates educational inequality. University of Minnesota Press.

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